Starter Class with Raluca Zagura

Are you ready to gain a deeper understanding of how we can parent so that we build closer relationships based on respect and connection, raise emotionally aware and resilient children, and build support for ourselves and heal past hurts?

This autumn, join a 6-week Starter Class with Raluca Zagura and dive into:

Evidence-based parenting strategies you can use to parent without harsh punishments or yelling – even when your child is strong-willed, defiant, or explosive, or has frequent tantrums or separation anxiety.

The brain science behind what drives your child’s off-track behaviour, why connection-based parenting works in line with your child’s social and emotional needs and why traditional parenting methods don’t work for long.

Ways to get through to your child (warmly and firmly, and sometimes through play and laughter), so they really listen to what you say and you see less power battles, less meltdowns, and more cooperation.

How to feel empowered and confident handling challenging situations with your child, at home, in public or in front of family.

How to respond to difficult behaviors like defiance, anxiety and aggression with confidence and clarity, and how to help an angry child heal and uncover their playfulness and compassion.

Each Hand in Hand listening tool one-by-one to learn how each works, how to get the best from the tool, and ways to adapt it for your family, while you get feedback, coaching and support.

Ways to lift the stress of parenting, uncover triggers, restore your energy for parenting, and set up a support network for yourself.

Click here to choose a day and time that works for you, and let’s do this!

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