Children who thrive, are confident and resilient

Parents who are supported and confident in their parenting

Family life with more cooperation, listening, playfulness, and connection

Parenting that’s free of punishments and fear without being permissive



All these are possible when we Parent by Connection.


Parenting by Connection includes 3 simple steps we can take to reach our and connect with our kid

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Parents' testimonials

"I attended Raluca’s online study group in 2021 and straight away found her to be very warm and approachable. She communicated the Hand in Hand Parenting tools and ideas really well, giving personal, helpful examples to deepen our learning. The way she facilitated the group was excellent and the experience of listening time with other parents, sharing our difficulties and joys in such a supportive environment that Raluca created was wonderful. It was not diminished at all by being online which I found surprising, Raluca helped us all feel at ease and trust developed amongst group members very quickly. Raluca clearly is very knowledgeable about the Hand in Hand Parenting approach and is a great communicator. I would thoroughly recommend Raluca to any parent looking to learn more about Hand in Hand Parenting tools or who’s just looking for a warm, supportive listener."
Amy Shields, Edinburgh
mum of two
"Such an insightful webinar! I got so many helpful ideas on practical things to try with my son in difficult situations. I liked the way you explained what goes on in their little developing brains in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. It helped me realise how I can further help my son and be there for him in those intense moments they all go through. I also found so much value in the way you shared how you handle practical day-to-day situations with your little ones. Having clear examples was so useful in finding ways to connect with my little one, so that we can develop a strong relationship. Thank you so much, Raluca!"
Madeline, West Sussex
mum of one