Navigating Holidays with Ease

A Parent's Guide to Less Stress, More Joy

Holidays can be a time for parents and children alike to fill their ’emotional cups’ with family time, rituals, laughter, and presents.

Yet sometimes the change in the routine, too much togetherness, difficult extended family interactions, competitiveness between family members, feeling stuck having to attend a certain gathering – all these can take a toll on us and our children, can throw everyone ‘off-course’, and we can soon find ourselves ‘running on empty’.

Maybe you’re looking forward to a getaway that you’ve planned for the last 6 months, but you’re dreading it at the same time, as you thing this only means parenting in a different location and you’ll still have to deal with tantrums and siblings fighting, yet you really hope things will be different this time.

Or maybe you’re counting the days until you see family members you’ve missed dearly, but you’re anxious at the same time because certain family member might judge you, not get your parenting style, or they often seem in a ‘bad mood’, as if determined to ruin your holidays.

What if I told you that things don't have to be this way?

That regardless how stressful the last holiday was, it doesn’t have to happen again? There is a way to navigate the holiday with more ease.

And you don’t need to rebook a trip or cancel any plans, and you don’t have to hire anyone or buy any equipment or tools.

Because even though we can’t control every aspect of our life or our holiday, there are a few tried-and-tested tweaks here and there that can make a big difference. And the good news is that these ‘tweaks’ can be implemented today to ensure less stressful and more joyful holidays tomorrow, and I’m sharing them with you in the ‘Parents’ Guide to Less Stress, More Joy’, a FREE 4-email series designed for you!