I'm Raluca and...

…I am a mom of two, and a former Computer Engineer turned Certified Hand In Hand Parenting Instructor, dedicated to helping parents foster connected relationships with their children and empowering them with evidence-based strategies for addressing challenging behaviours.

When I became a parent...

…I quickly found myself overwhelmed by too much information that I didn’t know how to navigate, especially as some of it wasn’t aligned with my values.

At the same time, I often felt alone and ‘wrong’, trying to implement things I was reading but seeing barely any promised results and finding myself doing things that I promised myself I never would as a parent, like yelling at my kids.

It all felt hopeless at times.

What I needed was a non-judgmental and compassionate community and a parenting approach that was based on science and connection, one that supported both parents and children to become who they truly are.

And I found that through the Hand In Hand Parenting approach.

The 5 non-punitive tools of this approach nurture connection and growth, are grounded in attachment theory, are backed up by neuroscience and experience, and put connection, joy and playfulness at the centre of our relationship with children.

Challenging parenting moments have turned into opportunities for connection, laughter, healing and growth.

I feel deeply connected with my children, and I enjoy seeing them thrive and grow their resilience.

Also, I am more confident in my abilities to support and parent them in a more conscious and intentional way.

If my story resonates, know that things can shift in your family too!

Having seen the effect of the Hand in Hand tools in our life and being supported in my parenting by this non-judgemental community of parents, I decided to ‘pay it forward’.


I became passionate about sharing the knowledge with other parents and offering them well-deserved support in the amazing work they do to make their family life more connected and enjoyable. I decided to empower parents and caregivers to overcome the challenges of raising children, nurture their children’s development and the relationships with them, and gain confidence in their parenting skills.

So I became a Certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor.


On a mission to support you to rediscover the joys of parenting, one challenging behaviour at a time

Parents do an incredibly important work and tremendous efforts to make life good for their children.

Yet they receive a lot of judgement and too little support and recognition for their efforts. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed and helpless, alone and confused, exhausted and angry, upset and frustrated. And I know how this feels.

The truth is, we were never meant to do this work alone, and parenting doesn’t have to be a battle.

I know you want to bring understanding, compassion, long-lasting connection, deep healing, trust, cooperation, respect, and joy into your family. 

And I’d love to support you do just that!

Ways in which I can support you

Take a 6-week Foundational Starter Class with me and dive into this connected parenting approach

You can book a FREE parenting consultation call with me, and find more ways in which we can work together on this page.

This is why I do this work​

PS: A gift for you - cooperation-boosting games for tired parents