Starter Class – fortnightly


This course takes place every other week, with 6 rounds of 2 weeks of study & practice followed by a mentoring call (for a total of 12 weeks & 6 mentoring calls).

This course:

  • starts with access to the class material on Thursday, October 5th
  • has mentoring calls on Thursdays, 8 pm UK time, from October 12th to December 21st
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If you’ve decided to join a Starter Class, I can’t wait to meet you! Make sure you select the period of time and day of the week that suits you best, and let’s get started!

If you’re here but want to know more about the Starter Class, I’m glad you’re here, and all the information about the course is on this page.

BEFORE PAYMENT: If you are a member of the Hand in Hand Parent Club, please email me the name and email with which you are a member, and you will get a discount.

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PLEASE NOTE: This course takes place every other week, over the course of 12 weeks in total. This version of the Starter Class was designed for parents who couldn’t join a weekly call, but it’s still the same material and the same format as the 6-week Starter Class.

If you can’t find a day/time that works for you but are still interested in taking the course, contact me and let me know and we might find a way that works for you.

Additional information


5 Oct – 21 Dec – THU, 8pm UK time