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Welcome to Zagura’s blog. I meant to say “world” but I know someone’s world can never be fully written on a blog, not even in a really big book. Therefore what I try to do here is just talk about ideas and experiences that I have while surrounded by my family (consisting of my husband, our son and our daughter) and living in South-East London.

Having two pre-school kids means having wonderful and hectic days, filled with love, smiles, hugs, tantrums and adventures. We moved here in 2014 and have been exploring the area since then. In 2015 we bought a car and started to travel here and there on short distances. Yes, we love to travel and our plan for the future is to buy a second-hand van and transform it into a motor-home. An exciting DIY project and you might soon find posts about this project here. Meanwhile, I would love to share with you our experiences from our short trips around London.

View from 360i – Brighton – Jan 2017

I used to be a computer programmer (graduating from University as a Computer Engineer, specialised in Computer Science), with a full-time job away from home. After becoming a mom this aspect of my life changed as, when the time came, I started to be a work-at-home mom and I hope to be able to continue doing this. You might find on this blog posts about computer programming or SEO or e-commerce but I promise they will be rare.

Having kids helped me discover their world and I became fascinated by psychology and parenting. Before being a mom I used to read a lot of fiction books. But now I hardly read any (it must be a really good one with good recommendations) as I bury myself into psychology/parenting books. Posts on this topic? You will find lots of them here, as I really what to share with any parent out there anything interesting that I find during my explorations.

I will also share with you any delicious recipe I might find or test as I know how difficult it can be to cook quick and yummy for kids at “picky-eating age”. Some of the recipes will be “cooking with kids” as I do that as often as I can (we even have a pizza-day, once a week, when everyone in the family cooks a pizza for him/herself).

Speaking of projects with the kids, I enjoy art-and-craft session with my kids and I might share with you the ones that we had lots of fun doing. With photos, of course.

All these being said (written actually), I can easily draw the conclusion that this blog is going to be about the everyday life of a mum of 2 with what that has to offer. Both good and hard times are to be posted here so hang on tight and let the fun begin. Welcome to my life as I experience it!

Photo: personal archive

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