• London Transport Museum with children
    London with kids,  Travel

    London Transport Museum – for a great day out with kids

    One of the first museums we have ever visited with the kids was the London Transport Museum. The first time we went there with my son when he was one year old and a few months. Since then, we’ve been visiting the museum on a regular basis (thank you, annual ticket!). London Transport Museum is one of my kids’ favourite destinations in central London. The museum is located in Covent Garden and is housed in the old Grade II-listed Flower Market building. The entrance is next to the Jubilee Market. Once you are in, remember to take the Stamp Trail for the kids from the office or cloakroom. With it,…

  • Camping and travelling with kids in 2018

    2018 in little squares

    So this is the last day of 2018 they say. It’s been quite a ride I could say, sort of a roller coaster, though luckily it’s been kind to us overall, we definitely can’t complain. Looking through my Instagram feed, it’s interesting to remember so many things that have happened throughout the year, and I only got a glimpse as this is how those little squares work, they offer just a glimpse of someone’s life, including my own. However, it was still a nice journey back in time scrolling through the photos, so I’ve selected some of them just to have a review of 2018 and to make up for…

  • Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth

    Up the Spinnaker Tower with kids – a day out in Portsmouth

    As I mentioned in the Diggerland post a few months back, we do enjoy using our Tesco Clubcard points. So on a beautiful sunny Sunday, we decided to ignore the low temperatures and go with the kids to Portsmouth to admire the view from the Spinnaker Tower. We had previously been to Portsmouth twice. Once for no reason whatsoever. The second time, to visit the Royal Navy Submarine Museum and walk onboard HMS Alliance, the only remaining WW2-era submarine. Each time we noticed the Spinnaker Tower (it is hard to miss as it’s a 170-metre observation tower). We became curious to go up and see the view. And that’s what we…

  • Your guide to a day out with kids at Diggerland

    Guide to a day out with kids at Diggerland, Kent

    Last year we spent a day out with kids at Diggerland Kent. And my son (3 at the time) loved it so much! He periodically reminds us of that place and asks to go there. Luckily, Diggerland is not that far away: it is located ~32 miles NE from Trafalgar Square, London. We went there by car (a 45-50 minutes drive) but could’ve travelled by train and bus (80-90 minutes journey). You cand find Diggerland on the Medway river and it has a pretty big car park. When we got there, it was around 1 pm. We parked the car and went inside. The first impression wasn’t a positive one.…

  • London City Airport - day out with kids, watching planes take off
    London with kids,  Travel

    Free plane spotting at London City Airport – a day out with kids

    Both my kids love planes. Before he was 1, my son saw a soft toy in a petrol station while we were fueling the car. He fell in love with it: a blue aeroplane from the movie “Planes” (which we hadn’t yet seen). When we moved to London, he kept showing us the planes in the sky (there are quite a few!). When my daughter started pointing to things, the first things she would point to were the planes in the sky. And when the grandparents came to visit, she asked them to draw planes for her with every occasion she got (indeed my father draws pretty nice aeroplanes). Since…

  • The shingle beach of Whitstable

    Almost 3 months on Instagram

    On the 1st of May 2017, I posted the first photo on Instagram. Since then, I’ve posted 59 more photos, therefore around 20 photos/month. I know some of my readers don’t use this application, and I also know I want to keep these photos no matter what happens to the application, so I thought I could post here some of my favourite photos from my Instagram account. For more photos, you can follow me on Instagram. And if you have an Instagram account, tell me about it in a comment below. RalucaRaluca Zagura is a mum of two, based in London, and she is also a Certified Hand in Hand…

  • Visit The Tyrwhitt-Drake Museum of Carriages with kids - Maidstone

    Visiting the Museum of Carriages with kids – a day out in Maidstone

    We were having a lovely Saturday in front of us and no plans. I decided to look on the map as we love to travel (I’ve shared our travelling adventures here). I picked a town in which we hadn’t been before: Maidstone. The family didn’t know how to feel about this at first. Then the kids got curious when I told them about the Museum of Carriages (official website here). The 14th-century stables of the medieval Archbishop’s Palace complex houses the museum. It is home to a unique collection of horse-drawn vehicles and transport curiosities. When you enter the museum, the ticket office is on your left. That’s where you can also…