• Teaching children about toy minimalism

    How to support children towards toy minimalism?

    Toy minimalism is a decision, it requires thought and intention. It also has quite a few benefits for the children, you can read about them here. So, what can we do to support our children towards toy minimalism and where do we start? Let’s talk about four aspects to consider and how addressing them might help. THE SPACE The “space” idea we talked about in the post “Toy minimalism – 4 easy steps to reduce the toy clutter with the kids” will help tremendously with keeping toys to a minimum. THE WISHLIST Going shopping with kids in a shop that has toys is a scenario that might frighten parents and…

  • Tips to reduce the toy clutter

    4 easy steps to reduce the toy clutter with the kids

    When it comes to personal stuff, we can easily find ways to declutter and be more minimalist. But when it comes to kids and toy minimalism, things can get a bit complicated because we are not the only ones in charge of what enters the house or what stays in it. I want my kids to learn to value who they are more than what they have. To value experiences and people more than objects. I want them to understand that happiness and contentment cannot be found on a shelf in a shop. Therefore in the last couple of years, we have gradually changed our approach when it comes to…

  • Too many toys and the benefits for child development of having less

    10 ways in which having fewer toys might benefit your kids

    Having two kids of different genders, I certainly know how too many toys can pile up and how difficult and tricky it can be to adopt toy minimalism without feeling like you are a bad parent, ruining their childhood. Yet I remember that when I was a child I would entertain myself playing outdoors most of the time, in the garden climbing up the trees or building ‘mud houses’ for the earthworms. At other times I would spend time with friends: riding bikes, running, inventing our own board games and lots of pretend plays. I did have toys, though I don’t remember their number and I vividly remember just a…