• Help kids be ready to start school

    6 tips to get your kid ready to start school

    This is the big year for us, it’s the year my son starts school. I started school when I was 7, he starts it at 4. I find it quite challenging to say the least, to start school so young even though it’s just Reception in the first year, which is sort of a Pre-school. My son went to pre-school for 2 years and grew quite attached to it and to the whole team, teachers and colleagues. Therefore I do expect it to be quite a transition to the “big school” as some people refer to it. So I tried to find ways, through talking to other parents and teachers…

  • Preschool graduation - ready to start school

    My son’s pre-school graduation

    So, the day has arrived. Today is the last day my son goes to pre-school. In September he will enter Reception/School. You can read 6 tips on getting kids ready to start school here. On his first day of pre-school, he was 2 years and 8 months old. He seemed ready to take the big step but still, he was so tiny. He was used to the location as we had spent there several days during the previous year. We both liked the team and the place and I knew he was going to be in very good hands. Yet I still cried when I left him there for his…