• Teach children about recycling - free printable activities and book recommendations

    How to teach children about recycling – FREE activities

    Our Planet needs us to recycle and to teach our children about recycling. From old homework assignments to broken toys or old car batteries, our planet needs us to take care of the waste. This is a message that our children also need to learn. We want to leave behind the best possible world for our children and it’s important for them to understand that they need to take responsibility too. Luckily, it has become easier to do so. Still, while we adults understand the impact recycling has on the planet, for kids the whole concept might be a bit hard to comprehend at first. Here are four easy steps…

  • Very Hungry Caterpillar created from recycled materials - kids art and craft project

    20 fun projects for kids – crafting with recycled materials

    Children’s imagination and creativity have no limits, and I’ve learned that when it comes to art and craft projects it’s always useful to have all sorts of recycled materials at hand. From egg cartons to paper tolls, from plastic bottles to milk cartons, keeping these gives the children the opportunity to create a new toy, a new design, a new decoration, and also teaches them about recycling. I’m passionate about recycling and teaching children about its importance. My kids have become too (inspired also by their teachers and schools as well). We are always crafting something using recycled materials. Some of our projects have been created about 4-5 years ago…