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    How to support a child through their sadness

    Supporting children through their sadness can be challenging. It is often hard to hear our sweet child say ‘‘I’m sad my friend is moving away” or “I’m sad because a kid at school didn’t want to play with me”. Words like “I’m sad the holiday is over” or “I’m sad my favourite teacher is retiring” can be difficult to hear. Please note: the following article does not address prolonged sadness And it sometimes happens that when our child comes to us saying ‘I’m sad that…’, we often ‘but’ them, saying things like: ‘I know, BUT you’re gonna visit your friend next month’ when their friend is moving away. ‘I see,…

  • Respectful parenting - what hitting teaches children

    What does hitting children actually teach them?

    Spanking or hitting is a tool that has been used for generations. Even if in some countries it is now illegal, it is still used worldwide with the hope of teaching children ‘a lesson’ of safety, obedience, good manners, auto control and so on. But what do children feel and really learn when they are hit by their parents/caregivers? “Hitting a child doesn’t teach them that the road or stove or the outlet isn’t safe. It teaches them that the person hitting them isn’t safe.” – L. R. Knost When the child is hurt by the person to whom he should run for safety, he gets stuck: ‘My parent should…

  • Tip for parents to navigate a Covid19 lockdown with children

    Lockdown with children – survival tips for parents

    We are halfway through the second lockdown here in the UK. I know other countries have already been through a second lockdown or are soon to start one. And all these lockdowns have been hard on everyone, parents and kids included – and we could all use some survival tips to help us through a lockdown with children! In our case, we’ve been through a first lockdown with children that included 5 months of no school. What I’ve learnt then helps me through this one now – though having kids in school this time around makes it different. Yet we are all burned out and drained by the whole situation,…

  • How to keep calm when child is whining

    How to naturally be calm when your child is whining

    Absolutely every parent finds out, sooner or later, what whining is, and not because they suddenly remember themselves whining as kids. It may seem like children are experts at whining, as they can do this often and for minutes on end. Keeping calm in those moments can be quite a challenge! Why does my child whine? It should not be ignored as it always has its reasons and holds messages like “I’m feeling helpless” or “I feel lonely”. However, I will dedicate a separate post to talk about the reasons why kids whine and what they actually need from their parents. In this post, I will talk about how we,…