• Teaching children about toy minimalism

    How to support children towards toy minimalism?

    Toy minimalism is a decision, it requires thought and intention. It also has quite a few benefits for the children, you can read about them here. So, what can we do to support our children towards toy minimalism and where do we start? Let’s talk about four aspects to consider and how addressing them might help. THE SPACE The “space” idea we talked about in the post “Toy minimalism – 4 easy steps to reduce the toy clutter with the kids” will help tremendously with keeping toys to a minimum. THE WISHLIST Going shopping with kids in a shop that has toys is a scenario that might frighten parents and…

  • Tips to reduce the toy clutter

    4 easy steps to reduce the toy clutter with the kids

    When it comes to personal stuff, we can easily find ways to declutter and be more minimalist. But when it comes to kids and toy minimalism, things can get a bit complicated because we are not the only ones in charge of what enters the house or what stays in it. I want my kids to learn to value who they are more than what they have. To value experiences and people more than objects. I want them to understand that happiness and contentment cannot be found on a shelf in a shop. Therefore in the last couple of years, we have gradually changed our approach when it comes to…

  • Teach children about recycling - free printable activities and book recommendations

    How to teach children about recycling – FREE activities

    Our Planet needs us to recycle and to teach our children about recycling. From old homework assignments to broken toys or old car batteries, our planet needs us to take care of the waste. This is a message that our children also need to learn. We want to leave behind the best possible world for our children and it’s important for them to understand that they need to take responsibility too. Luckily, it has become easier to do so. Still, while we adults understand the impact recycling has on the planet, for kids the whole concept might be a bit hard to comprehend at first. Here are four easy steps…

  • Too many toys and the benefits for child development of having less

    10 ways in which having fewer toys might benefit your kids

    Having two kids of different genders, I certainly know how too many toys can pile up and how difficult and tricky it can be to adopt toy minimalism without feeling like you are a bad parent, ruining their childhood. Yet I remember that when I was a child I would entertain myself playing outdoors most of the time, in the garden climbing up the trees or building ‘mud houses’ for the earthworms. At other times I would spend time with friends: riding bikes, running, inventing our own board games and lots of pretend plays. I did have toys, though I don’t remember their number and I vividly remember just a…

  • London Transport Museum with children
    London with kids,  Travel

    London Transport Museum – for a great day out with kids

    One of the first museums we have ever visited with the kids was the London Transport Museum. The first time we went there with my son when he was one year old and a few months. Since then, we’ve been visiting the museum on a regular basis (thank you, annual ticket!). London Transport Museum is one of my kids’ favourite destinations in central London. The museum is located in Covent Garden and is housed in the old Grade II-listed Flower Market building. The entrance is next to the Jubilee Market. Once you are in, remember to take the Stamp Trail for the kids from the office or cloakroom. With it,…

  • brain games for kids
    Fun ideas

    5 brain teaser games for kids

    All children love a good challenge. And when the challenge is fun and comes as brain teaser games, kids do become interested! I’ve always loved this type of game. When I was younger, I remember my grandfather introducing brain teasers to me. Not with the well-known Rubik’s Cube but with a wooden 3D shape puzzle. I could spend hours playing with it, trying to figure it out, and then start all over again! My kids had no escape from these games, I did get them some. Though not sure if they were more for them or for me… Here is a list of the 5 brain teasers my kids loved…

  • Camping and travelling with kids in 2018

    2018 in little squares

    So this is the last day of 2018 they say. It’s been quite a ride I could say, sort of a roller coaster, though luckily it’s been kind to us overall, we definitely can’t complain. Looking through my Instagram feed, it’s interesting to remember so many things that have happened throughout the year, and I only got a glimpse as this is how those little squares work, they offer just a glimpse of someone’s life, including my own. However, it was still a nice journey back in time scrolling through the photos, so I’ve selected some of them just to have a review of 2018 and to make up for…

  • Gingerbread City at V&A Museum in London
    London with kids,  Travel

    Explore the Gingerbread City with children – V&A Museum in London

    It’s been over 10 months since my last post and blogging has been on my mind ever since. I did use Instagram on and off in the meantime, but I do miss writing here, so I am trying to come back. And today I got a push to do so because yesterday we went to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, to walk through the Gingerbread City! The experience was too lovely and I took too many photos to keep them all to myself. Therefore, I am back online, writing about our visit and hopefully about many other things in the future. The complete name of the exhibition is…

  • Sleeping like a bear - a bedtime talk with kids

    Sleeping like a bear – a funny talk at bedtime

    “Kids fighting sleep” is a very common search on the internet, parents all over the world are facing this issue. My son makes no exception. He as well is fighting sleep most of the nights, bedtime always comes too early for him and the day is too short. I’ve tried all methods (except cry-it-out, this method contradicts my parenting beliefs) and one night I came with a new idea. It was bedtime and my son was tossing and turning in bed, asking questions, singing, laughing, talking. Telling him to stop and stay still never works, nor does any other commend like “be quiet”. In fact, I don’t know any child…

  • Help kids be ready to start school

    6 tips to get your kid ready to start school

    This is the big year for us, it’s the year my son starts school. I started school when I was 7, he starts it at 4. I find it quite challenging to say the least, to start school so young even though it’s just Reception in the first year, which is sort of a Pre-school. My son went to pre-school for 2 years and grew quite attached to it and to the whole team, teachers and colleagues. Therefore I do expect it to be quite a transition to the “big school” as some people refer to it. So I tried to find ways, through talking to other parents and teachers…