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    25 chapter book series for young readers

    Do your kids love books and are ready to discover the world of chapter books for young readers? If you are looking for inspiration to keep up with your voracious reader, here are 25 chapter book series your child might love! Some of the series are old, some are new, some are short and some are really long. What they have in common though is that they are full of adventures, igniting the kids’ imagination! Let’s dive into the list of chapter book series! The first part contains books read by my kids, therefore more detailed. All photos are photos taken by me. The second part includes books recommended by…

  • The business of alternative medicine
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    Thoughts on the business of alternative medicine

    I’ve never been a fan of alternative medicine. One day, while browsing at the local library, I saw a book called “Suckers: How Alternative Medicine Makes Fools of Us All“. I took it off the shelf and borrowed it. I didn’t need to be convinced of the inefficiency of homoeopathy or magnet therapy. Yet I was just curious about what I would learn from this book. Now I’ve reached page 43 and it is too early to talk more about this book. Yet I’ve read some mind-blowing information so far and I felt the need to share it here. The author writes that “the total UK annual spend for Complementary and…

  • Help kids be ready to start school

    6 tips to get your kid ready to start school

    This is the big year for us, it’s the year my son starts school. I started school when I was 7, he starts it at 4. I find it quite challenging to say the least, to start school so young even though it’s just Reception in the first year, which is sort of a Pre-school. My son went to pre-school for 2 years and grew quite attached to it and to the whole team, teachers and colleagues. Therefore I do expect it to be quite a transition to the “big school” as some people refer to it. So I tried to find ways, through talking to other parents and teachers…

  • Tips towards a minimalist lifestyle

    How to make the first step towards a minimalist lifestyle

    About a week ago I watched a movie called “Minimalism”. It made me realize we had already taken the first step towards a minimalist lifestyle. But let me tell you about us and about the movie. 3.5 years ago we decided to move to London. We knew we couldn’t take with us all that we owned. So we had to go through everything that was in our home: clothes, books, dishes, cables, shoes, toys, everything. And we kept only the essential. That’s when we realized how many useless things a person can collect in a few years. We donated or thrown away old shoes, clothes we hadn’t worn in over…

  • F**k It: Do What You Love - review

    F**k it, I won’t read this book

    Spoiler alert: this post is about why I decided to stop reading John C. Parkin’s book, “F**k it, Do what you love”. It’s not a review, but if you plan to buy/read this book, you might not want to read the following lines. I was in Waterstones Picadilly a few months back and I was looking at the Parenting section. After writing down the title of a book, while heading back to the books for kids section my attention was drawn onto a table. There was a black cover with a fried egg on it. The book title read “F**k It – Do What You Love“. Being in a time…

  • 4 reasons to reduce sugar intake

    How does sugar intake influence our dental health?

    Reducing sugar in our everyday diet is still a challenge. We have no medical condition that forces us to do so though. Then how come we made this decision? Let me start by saying that it was a sudden decision and it all started with a book. Note: when saying “sugar”, I am referring to “table sugar” also known as “sucrose”, extracted from sugarcane or beet sugar About eight years ago I started reducing the amount of salt in my diet, replacing salt with mixed herbs. After becoming a mum and reading books about baby weaning, I decided to reduce, as much as possible, the sugar intake my kids would have. I…