Sleeping like a bear – a funny talk at bedtime

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“Kids fighting sleep” is a very common search on the internet, parents all over the world are facing this issue. My son makes no exception. He as well is fighting sleep most of the nights, bedtime always comes too early for him and the day is too short.

I’ve tried all methods (except cry-it-out, this method contradicts my parenting beliefs) and one night I came with a new idea.

It was bedtime and my son was tossing and turning in bed, asking questions, singing, laughing, talking. Telling him to stop and stay still never works, nor does any other commend like “be quiet”. In fact, I don’t know any child (or adult for that matter) who enjoys receiving orders. So I decided to ask him something, whispering:

– Honey, do you know how bears sleep?

– No, how do they sleep?

Imagination, this is your moment of glory! Come up with something to help him relax, stay still and fall asleep!

– Well… in fact, they sometimes go in their cave, they snuggle and make themselves comfortable, and then they yawn and from time to time make a hum, very quietly, until they fall asleep.

– That sounds nice!

– It is! Would you like to sleep like a bear tonight?

– Yes, I would!

And he took his role very seriously: he snuggled up, relaxed, yawned and hummed. No question, no singing, no talking, no tossing and turning. Just from time to time I could hear a hum.

5 minutes passed with just some occasional humming. Oh my, could this have worked? Could this be SO easy? I was getting ready to celebrate my brilliant idea with some sugar-free chocolate (affiliate link) when all of a sudden I hear:

– Mommy? How do sheep sleep?

You must be kidding me…..

PS. If you know the answer to this question and if it helps a kid fall asleep, please do let me know!

Photo credit: abrinsky via / CC BY-NC-SA

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