My son’s pre-school graduation

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So, the day has arrived. Today is the last day my son goes to pre-school. In September he will enter Reception/School.

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On his first day of pre-school, he was 2 years and 8 months old. He seemed ready to take the big step but still, he was so tiny. He was used to the location as we had spent there several days during the previous year. We both liked the team and the place and I knew he was going to be in very good hands.

Yet I still cried when I left him there for his first 3 hours without me. I kept thinking of all the things he would do and experiment and smile at and I wouldn’t be able to share his excitement with him. He had always stayed with us. This was the first time I ever let him with non-family members.

It was hard, I have to admit. For me I mean, because for him, well… It was fun for the first 2-3 weeks until he realized that this is for real, this is not just a playgroup where you go from time to time, but a serious “job”. So on his 3rd week, he had some tough days as he really wanted to go home. But a special someone in his pre-school did wonders. During a music session, she took him in her arms and danced around with him and took a circle and pretended that it was a car’s steering wheel and started to “beep” and this is how she made him laugh. And that was it. That was the magical moment when my son relaxed and started to enjoy being there.

Almost 2 years have passed and during this time, the preschool became his second home. He made lots of friends and they and the teachers became his second family, as he felt safe and loved, happy and well taken care of.

And today is the leavers’ ceremony. My son and his friends will say “Goodbye” to their wonderful preschool.

As with any big happy family, we will all keep in touch, kids and parents and teachers, and we will continue to have picnics from time to time (as we had throughout the year). However, knowing all this won’t stop us from needing some boxes of tissues today. I got all emotional two days ago when I took home the wellies that he used at preschool. I got emotional yesterday morning while I was packing his preschool lunch box for the last time. So yeah, I will get emotional today too. Funny thing, I cried when he started pre-school and I will cry when he graduates it… I guess this is part of being a parent, isn’t it?

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