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    Banana bread with a twist – gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free options

    We love bananas and we always have some on the kitchen counter – and I often turn some of them into a delicious banana bread! I have several recipes I use but this one is my favourite because it’s yummy and SO quick to make, and it also has chocolate chips in it, and for a chocolate lover this is a great twist! So I thought I’d share the recipe with you! One more thing before I proceed: there are two more things I love about this banana bread recipe. you can make it with the kids as it’s not too messy and they will love the result you can…

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    Chocolate brownies – gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free

    My son has recently turned 5 and he asked for a birthday cake fully made of chocolate, with Dinosaur Train on it and decorated with cherries. And two days ago, after school, he suddenly said “Mom, let’s bake a chocolate cake! Call Joanna (our friend that made the birthday cake) and ask her the recipe!”. I would have loved to comply, but first of all, that cake is not easy to make, so I wouldn’t even try, and second, I didn’t want to ask anyone for the secret recipe of a great cake. Still, my son was very determined to eat a chocolate cake, so I took out the “Gluten-free…

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    Blueberry coconut cake – gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free

    Going sugar-free and recently starting to cut down on gluten as well has led me to discover new recipes, new ingredients, new tastes. The blueberry and coconut cake is very easy to do (allows cooking with kids), has a very light and fluffy texture and is really yummy: the photo I managed to take yesterday is of the last piece I managed to save just for a photo. The light might not be the best and the size is not great as I used a way too big tray for it (the one I usually use wasn’t available) but I am telling you, this is a very tasty and healthy…