Cutting down on sugar

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UPDATE: The group has been deleted (details below).

Last week I was browsing online and saw a post on a group regarding gluten-free foods to eat when out and about, and someone mentioned a group for those interested in finding out what restaurants and shops have gluten-free foods. And that’s when I realized that a group to support those trying to reduce their sugar intake might be useful.

At some point, a few weeks ago, I was browsing through the shelves of the local library and found two books about sugar.

I borrowed and read them. And while reading them I realized that sugar can be quite tricky: it is very addictive, it is nice and sweet and it can be eaten easily in large quantities without realizing it. I realized that it can be very hard to go sugar-free when, as written in “Get control of sugar now”, about 75% of all the products in any supermarket have sugar in them.

If you decide you want a healthy lifestyle, you need information. Including information about sugar, its effects on the human body and its healthy substitutes.

Cutting down on sugar means you need support to overcome the addiction, you need ideas and tips to help you be stronger than the sweet-tooth.

When you decide to go sugar-free, you need sugar-free recipes and you need information about what and where to buy and eat so that it is healthy and sugar-free because it is not enough to cook without sugar, you also need to learn how to read the labels of the products you eat.

4 reasons to reduce sugar intake

So I decided to create a group. I initially called it “Going sugar-free”, as this is the category on this blog in which I post information about my journey to a sugar-free life.

I then realized that these words don’t reflect my idea, which was to create a group that helped people learn more about sugar, cut down on sugar if they wanted and find the support, recipes, tips and tricks. So I changed the name and now it is called “Cutting down on sugar”. Feel free to join in even though you don’t think you eat too much sugar – you might be surprised by what you learn. This group welcomes anyone interested in living a healthy life so I hope I will see you there!

* In the time since this post has been written, even though I still have a reduced intake of sugar due to this reason still standing, the group has been deleted due to my new understanding of what effect demonising any certain food can have on us and learning a bit about Intuitive Eating. For further reading, I can recommend the following books (aff links):

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