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  • Postal Museum with Children - London days out
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    Postal Museum London with children – fun at the Sorted! play area

    I’ve lost count of how many times we have been to this play area since its opening in the summer of 2017! It just feels natural to tell you all about this lovely place, the Sorted! area for children at The Postal Museum in London. The Postal Museum is located at Phoenix Place, London (see the location on maps). Its main attraction is the 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) stretch of track in London’s Mail Rail, which was the world’s first driver-less electric railway. Yet for children at Postal Museum, especially for the younger ones, Sorted! play area is of interest. This area is located on the ground floor of the…

  • Brick Wonders - a world of Lego at Horniman Museum (London)
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    Brick Wonders – a world of Lego at Horniman Museum (London)

    On the 16th of February, 2019, a new temporary exhibition opened at Horniman Museum and Gardens (London), replacing the “Colour – The Rainbow Revealed” one (which replaced the Robot Zoo one, and so on, as this is what “temporary” means, right?). Being half-term, we decided to spend an afternoon discovering and enjoying this new exhibition. We visited in the afternoon because it is less crowded and there is still plenty of time to enjoy it as the museum closes at 5.30pm. The “Brick Wonders” exhibition invites the visitor to travel through history and explore over 50 models made using half a million LEGO® bricks. Some of the models are small…

  • London Transport Museum with children
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    London Transport Museum – for a great day out with kids

    One of the first museums we have ever visited with the kids was the London Transport Museum. The first time we went there with my son when he was one year old and a few months. Since then, we’ve been visiting the museum on a regular basis (thank you, annual ticket!). London Transport Museum is one of my kids’ favourite destinations in central London. The museum is located in Covent Garden and is housed in the old Grade II-listed Flower Market building. The entrance is next to the Jubilee Market. Once you are in, remember to take the Stamp Trail for the kids from the office or cloakroom. With it,…

  • Day out with kids in London - WonderLab at Science Museum
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    A day out with kids at WonderLab Science Museum in London

    There are many museums in London where you can go with the kids and learn new things, play and explore. Science Museum is one of the best of them, having WonderLab. It’s amazing how many things you see and learn, there is something for everyone there, from babies to adults. We have visited the museum several times, even before moving to London and having kids. When the kids were 3.5 and 6 I took them to WonderLab for the first time. To better understand the photos in this post, I have to mention something. We got to WonderLab at the Science Museum in London at 11 am and stayed until…

  • Gingerbread City at V&A Museum in London
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    Explore the Gingerbread City with children – V&A Museum in London

    It’s been over 10 months since my last post and blogging has been on my mind ever since. I did use Instagram on and off in the meantime, but I do miss writing here, so I am trying to come back. And today I got a push to do so because yesterday we went to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, to walk through the Gingerbread City! The experience was too lovely and I took too many photos to keep them all to myself. Therefore, I am back online, writing about our visit and hopefully about many other things in the future. The complete name of the exhibition is…

  • Horniman Museum Exhibition - Colour: The Rainbow Revealed
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    Explore the Colours with children at Horniman Museum and Gardens, London

    Horniman Museum and Gardens is one of our favourite places to visit with children. There is always something for everyone in the family to enjoy, from gardens to the aquarium and from music gallery to natural history. There are also temporary exhibitions, and currently, one of them is called “Colour: The Rainbow Revealed“. You can enjoy the “Colour” exhibition, set in the Temporary Exhibition Space, until the 28th of October 2018 between 10 am and 5.30 pm. As you enter the exhibition space, a huge eye is looking at you. And it’s nothing spooky about it, as it’s there so that anyone can see and understand how our eyes see…

  • London City Airport - day out with kids, watching planes take off
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    Free plane spotting at London City Airport – a day out with kids

    Both my kids love planes. Before he was 1, my son saw a soft toy in a petrol station while we were fueling the car. He fell in love with it: a blue aeroplane from the movie “Planes” (which we hadn’t yet seen). When we moved to London, he kept showing us the planes in the sky (there are quite a few!). When my daughter started pointing to things, the first things she would point to were the planes in the sky. And when the grandparents came to visit, she asked them to draw planes for her with every occasion she got (indeed my father draws pretty nice aeroplanes). Since…