Brick Wonders – a world of Lego at Horniman Museum (London)

On the 16th of February, 2019, a new temporary exhibition opened at Horniman Museum and Gardens (London), replacing the “Colour – The Rainbow Revealed” one (which replaced the Robot Zoo one, and so on, as this is what “temporary” means, right?).

Being half-term and having the kids at home last week, we decided to spend an afternoon discovering and enjoying this new exhibition. And we decided for the afternoon because it is less crowded and there is still plenty of time to enjoy it as the museum closes at 5.30pm.

The “Brick Wonders” exhibition invites the visitor to travel through history and explore over 50 models made using half a million LEGO® bricks. Some of the models are small enough to inspire kids to try and build them at home. And some of the models are so impressive, like the coral reef or the walrus (a symbol of Horniman as well)!

Made in Queensland, Australia, in 55 days, using 200.000 bricks
Made in London in 142 hours using 10727 bricks

I took a lot of photos but there still are a lot of models not included in this post. All the models are beautiful and need to be seen in person, admired from each angle.

As you enter the exhibition, on your left and right there are play areas where you can build whatever you dream of using the classic Lego bricks or try to reproduce a construction from the exhibition (you can always come back to these areas).

And on your right you will also notice an idea you might love: a Lego board stuck to the wall for kids to build… on the wall! The kids were so excited about it! Maybe because you see the constructions from a different angle, or maybe it’s because you build something on the wall… not sure, but wouldn’t you want something like this at home?

Once you get beyond this point, the Brick Wonders begins, with the Coral Reef on your right and the Walrus on your left, and all the other constructions to follow.

All you can do is be amazed of the ideas, the hard work, the patience and the team effort all these wonders took to be created.

The Internet – build worldwide in 240 hours using 98000 bricks

Can you guess what the next constructions are? You can check if you guessed them right at the end of this post 😉

In the corner opposite the entrance, you will reach another play area: it has Lego Duplo and big rubber blocks for kids to play with. There are colouring pages and also books to read and get inspiration from.

After this playful break, you can continue to admire some other brick wonders, like the ones in the photos below.

As you might have already noted, the constructions have been built all around the world and represent places and things from all around the world, which also makes this exhibition a great source of information for the kids.

Speaking of Brick Wonders, Horniman is the perfect place to admire the 7 World Wonders entirely made of Lego bricks!

Hanging Gardens of Babylon, build in Babylon, Iraq, in 24 hours, using 1400 bricks

When you exit the world of the 7 wonders, you reach a challenge with the next construction, a challenge my kids really loved: you have to try and guess how many bricks have been used to build the Horniman Museum! And if you get it right, after the exhibition ends, in October, you could win a £50 Lego Gift Card!

Before writing a few useful information and tips, I owe you an answer to my question above: those two constructions were the Grand Canyon and the Great Wall of China, as seen from above. Did you guess them right? Let me know in the comments below!

Great Wall of China, built in North China in 72 hours with 7000 bricks

Useful information and tips for a great day out at Brick Wonders (Horniman Museum and Gardens, London):

  • the exhibition is open until 27th of October, 2019
  • tickets are free for members or £5/child, £9/adult, £20/family
  • the museum is open daily from 10.00am until 5.30pm
  • the museum has facilities, including baby change, and also a cafe
  • it’s a bit less crowded in the afternoon, as sometimes in the morning are also school trips there
  • the Brick Wonders exhibition, as you’ve seen above, has play areas for kids of all ages

From what you have seen in these photos, which construction is your favourite so far?

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10 thoughts on “Brick Wonders – a world of Lego at Horniman Museum (London)”

  • What a fun place! My kids would have loved this when they were younger. It is unbelievable what the Lego artists can make with plastic bricks! So cool!

  • Beautiful underwater Lego exhibit! One of the most interesting ones I have ever seen! I love it!

    I just walked past the Lego store today! One opened up several years ago in the shopping center “across the street” from me. Fascinating store with great displays set up in cases too. Really tempting to buy a kit just for “nostalgia” sake…. but I have not succumbed to the temptation yet 😉 Many fond memories of building great things with Lego.

    • You have a Lego store across the street? That’s a kid’s dream come true! And you do know Lego is not only for kids, right? So feel free to buy some and build something… challenging! What do you say? Maybe the Great Barrier Reef or a walrus? 😉

      • All true valid points 😉 Buuut once a kit is assembled.. then what? More junk to be stored away or given away. Well, maybe I’ll check back and see if they have something “interesting” that I wouldn’t mind building. Oh by the way… I checked the other Dollarama location (we have 2 of the same store separated by about 0.5km… crazy huh?) and they had… those wooden 3D puzzles! Just a few left… 3 of the 4 types were on the shelf. So I bought them. I’ll send them to you one of these days ok?! Good thing about living in the UK is that parcels I send will arrive safely and for a low low cost… unlike *cough* *cough* that other place you used to live 😉

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