• Horniman Museum Exhibition - Colour: The Rainbow Revealed
    London with kids,  Travel

    Explore the Colours with children at Horniman Museum and Gardens, London

    Horniman Museum and Gardens is one of our favourite places to visit with children. There is always something for everyone in the family to enjoy, from gardens to the aquarium and from music gallery to natural history. There are also temporary exhibitions, and currently, one of them is called “Colour: The Rainbow Revealed“. You can enjoy the “Colour” exhibition, set in the Temporary Exhibition Space, until the 28th of October 2018 between 10 am and 5.30 pm. As you enter the exhibition space, a huge eye is looking at you. And it’s nothing spooky about it, as it’s there so that anyone can see and understand how our eyes see…

  • Going sugar free - reducing your sugar intake

    Cutting down on sugar

    UPDATE: The group has been deleted (details below). Last week I was browsing online and saw a post on a group regarding gluten-free foods to eat when out and about, and someone mentioned a group for those interested in finding out what restaurants and shops have gluten-free foods. And that’s when I realized that a group to support those trying to reduce their sugar intake might be useful. At some point, a few weeks ago, I was browsing through the shelves of the local library and found two books about sugar. I borrowed and read them. And while reading them I realized that sugar can be quite tricky: it is…

  • Blueberry cake - gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free
    Cooking with kids

    Blueberry coconut cake – gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free

    The blueberry and coconut cake is very easy to do (allows cooking with kids), has a very light and fluffy texture and is really yummy. When you read the title it seems to be free of many things and you might wonder what are the ingredients. Well, the main list for this blueberry and coconut cake is simple: coconut flour – hence the gluten-free part banana – hence the sugar-free part eggs vanilla blueberries – I think it can be baked using other fruits too, but I haven’t tried it yet Enough talking about it, let’s get down to cooking it – see the recipe below. And I would enjoy…

  • The business of alternative medicine
    Books,  General

    Thoughts on the business of alternative medicine

    I’ve never been a fan of alternative medicine. Ond day, while browsing at the local library, I saw a book called “Suckers: How Alternative Medicine Makes Fools of Us All“. I took it off the shelf and borrowed it. I didn’t need to be convinced of the inefficiency of homoeopathy or magnet therapy. Yet I was just curious about what I would learn from this book. Now I’ve reached page 43 and it is too early to talk more about this book. Yet I’ve read some mind-blowing information so far and I felt the need to share it here. The author writes that “the total UK annual spend for Complementary and…

  • Sleeping like a bear - a bedtime talk with kids

    Sleeping like a bear – a funny talk at bedtime

    “Kids fighting sleep” is a very common search on the internet, parents all over the world are facing this issue. My son makes no exception. He as well is fighting sleep most of the nights, bedtime always comes too early for him and the day is too short. I’ve tried all methods (except cry-it-out, this method contradicts my parenting beliefs) and one night I came with a new idea. It was bedtime and my son was tossing and turning in bed, asking questions, singing, laughing, talking. Telling him to stop and stay still never works, nor does any other commend like “be quiet”. In fact, I don’t know any child…

  • Help kids be ready to start school

    6 tips to get your kid ready to start school

    This is the big year for us, it’s the year my son starts school. I started school when I was 7, he starts it at 4. I find it quite challenging to say the least, to start school so young even though it’s just Reception in the first year, which is sort of a Pre-school. My son went to pre-school for 2 years and grew quite attached to it and to the whole team, teachers and colleagues. Therefore I do expect it to be quite a transition to the “big school” as some people refer to it. So I tried to find ways, through talking to other parents and teachers…

  • Your guide to a day out with kids at Diggerland

    Guide to a day out with kids at Diggerland, Kent

    Last year we spent a day out with kids at Diggerland Kent. And my son (3 at the time) loved it so much! He periodically reminds us of that place and asks to go there. Luckily, Diggerland is not that far away: it is located ~32 miles NE from Trafalgar Square, London. We went there by car (a 45-50 minutes drive) but could’ve travelled by train and bus (80-90 minutes journey). You cand find Diggerland on the Medway river and it has a pretty big car park. When we got there, it was around 1 pm. We parked the car and went inside. The first impression wasn’t a positive one.…

  • Tips towards a minimalist lifestyle

    How to make the first step towards a minimalist lifestyle

    About a week ago I watched a movie called “Minimalism”. It made me realize we had already taken the first step towards a minimalist lifestyle. But let me tell you about us and about the movie. 3.5 years ago we decided to move to London. We knew we couldn’t take with us all that we owned. So we had to go through everything that was in our home: clothes, books, dishes, cables, shoes, toys, everything. And we kept only the essential. That’s when we realized how many useless things a person can collect in a few years. We donated or thrown away old shoes, clothes we hadn’t worn in over…

  • London City Airport - day out with kids, watching planes take off
    London with kids,  Travel

    Free plane spotting at London City Airport – a day out with kids

    Both my kids love planes. Before he was 1, my son saw a soft toy in a petrol station while we were fueling the car. He fell in love with it: a blue aeroplane from the movie “Planes” (which we hadn’t yet seen). When we moved to London, he kept showing us the planes in the sky (there are quite a few!). When my daughter started pointing to things, the first things she would point to were the planes in the sky. And when the grandparents came to visit, she asked them to draw planes for her with every occasion she got (indeed my father draws pretty nice aeroplanes). Since…

  • The shingle beach of Whitstable

    Almost 3 months on Instagram

    On the 1st of May 2017, I posted the first photo on Instagram. Since then, I’ve posted 59 more photos, therefore around 20 photos/month. I know some of my readers don’t use this application, and I also know I want to keep these photos no matter what happens to the application, so I thought I could post here some of my favourite photos from my Instagram account. For more photos, you can follow me on Instagram. And if you have an Instagram account, tell me about it in a comment below.