10 Easter crafts for pre-school kids

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Easter is just around the corner and, with kids on holiday, it’s the perfect time to do some crafts! Though the weather is lovely and we plan to spend one of the days on a “whole day long” picnic, I also hope we will manage to do some crafting.

I found these 9 activities on Pinterest (by the way, you can also follow me on Pinterest here). I know the title says “10” – the 10th activity is not found but invented by me 2 years ago for my son.

The activities planned focus on some of the Easter symbols like bunnies, eggs and chicks.

1 – Play with letters using an egg box and plastic eggs

Let me start by describing the eggs-and-letters activity. This is the one I’ve already done and it is quite simple. All you need are:

On each half of the plastic eggs write a letter of the alphabet (the same of both halves). Write the same letter on the bottom of the egg box. Do this for as many eggs as you wish. Then mix the egg halves. Encourage the child to match them and then place the egg in the box on the corresponding letter.

Playing with alphabet letters written on plastic eggs - fun activity for kids to teach them the letters

The activity is pretty simple for the parent to prepare and it is fun for the kid too. It also encourages the recognition of the alphabet letters (though you can draw shapes too) from an early age, before knowing the alphabet.

2 – Handprint Chick Puppets

The first activity I plan to do with the kids this week is called “Handprint Chick Puppets”. It’s quite fun and simple, involving a yellow hand-print, some googly eyes and yellow feathers, some orange paper and a stick.

You can find the full tutorial here – please let me know of the outcome in case you decide to do this craft too.

3 – Bunnies from toilet paper roll

Since we always have paper rolls around, I try to use them to their full potential. I even used them to make a pencil stand with 4 compartments and lots of crafts with the kids. One of the crafts is the octopus below, created by my son a while ago.

crafting activities for children - what you can make with a paper roll
Paper roll octopus – craft for kids

So, the plan is to use paper rolls to create some cute bunnies, inspired by this site here.

4 and 5 – Bunnies made out of egg carton or Popsicle sticks

Speaking of bunnies, we might also create some out of egg carton (source of inspiration) or Popsicle stick (found the idea here).

6 – Use Popsicle sticks to make chicks

And after getting out the Popsicle sticks, we might use some of them to also create some cute chicks like those seen here.

7 and 8 – Eggs made though potato stamping

After creating bunnies and chicks, it is time to do some egg craft, right? So I plan to use q-tips to create eggs and some potatoes to create these ones.

Speaking of stamping with food: did you know that this type of activity helps kids befriend ingredients like broccoli or fennel? This is a useful type of activity for babies when starting to eat solids and for picky eaters 😉

9 and 10 – Sun-catcher and bookmark

And if time allows it, we might also manage to do some sun-catchers (I love them!). And even some Easter bunny corner bookmarks. These would be cute, very practical and a lovely present for friends. Oh, and it is a nice introduction to the world of Origami!

So there you go, our art-and-craft plan for this week. What are your plans?

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