Experiencing Legoland Windsor – a day out with kids

We visited Legoland last weekend (April 2017). This post is about how the day was and it includes photos and some helpful tips in case you plan to spend a day-out there.

My son likes Lego but this is not the reason we chose to go to Legoland on Spring break. The thing is, we had some Tesco Clubcard vouchers and I was looking on my laptop with my husband at what were the possibilities to spend them in the best way for the whole family. And while navigating through the options (which were Legoland, Safari and Zoo), my son saw a photo with some Lego cars that were being driven by kids. And that was it! He likes Lego but he loves driving cars! And our response to his wish? “Why not?”

So we bought the vouchers and printed them as they were luckily sent via email, not via post. Then we bought a parking ticket, online, to avoid any queue. Then we got in the car and drove all the way to Legoland Windsor (took us almost 2 hours with a pit-stop on the way).

We got there at around 1p.m. and spent about half an hour looking for a parking space. The parking area seemed full and surprisingly we found a space in zone C, closer to the entrance. We got there by mistake, we hadn’t dared to dream of a free space there but there were plenty though the further away parking zone was full.

It took us another 15 minutes to get from the car to the park entrance. Please note we do have 2 kids and the youngest one is not very fast but is stubborn enough to walk all by herself on any given distance.

Legoland Windsor – entrance

This was the first visit we have ever made to Legoland, so we didn’t know what to expect.

The map of Legoland Windsor

So after entering, we got a map and went forward to take a look at the view. Disappointingly we couldn’t see much but I really appreciate that the owners managed to preserve such much vegetation in the area.

View of Legoland Windsor
View of Legoland Windsor

Not knowing where to start, we took the train downhill – it is free of charge and it gets you in the middle of the Legoland. As my son wanted here because of the cars, we had to go and look for them. We found the cars and the circuit called “Lego City Driving School”.

Lego City Driving School

Unfortunately it was for kids over 6 years old. He is only 4 though I know he would’ve manage just fine as he has experience with these type of circuits (he learned to drive at Hop Farm a while ago). Looking at the map closer though, we found another race circuit for kids 3 to 5 years old, so we went there. The queue was long, we had to wait for about 40 minutes (we were happy when we got to this sign so I took a photo of it).

The ride took about 3 minutes with the car going really slowly, way slower than on the big circuit.

Kids can drive a lego-car at Legoland Windsor - tips for a family day out
L-Drivers at Legoland Windsor

After the driving experience, we went to the Duplo zone. The “Drench Tower” was closed. The playground was over-crowded. “Splash Safari” was a shop. “Duplo Train” was a cute ride, with a small queue and a nice ride for all ages.

The next stop was in the area, to have lunch consisting of food bought from M&S on the way to Legoland therefore I have no advice regarding where to eat there or how much you have to pay for that.

With full tummies we decided to have a river adventure at “Fairy Tale Brook”. 15 minutes later we were on a boat that took us through the woods where we could see fairy tales characters made of small lego pieces.

Three Little Pigs
Hansel and Gretel
Snow White and the 7 dwarfs
Goldilock and the three bears
Fairy tale characters made of lego - Little Red Riding-hood
Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf

Both kids really enjoyed the ride, it is suitable for the whole family and it’s too short, both kids wanted another go and another one and another one! And since they both loved it so much we tried to have another similar experience and went to “Coastguard HQ” where the queue was just… 50 minutes! It was already 4 p.m. and we had only managed to go on 3 rides, in 3 hours. Staying 50 minutes for anything was not an option so we decided to find out what the “Duplo Valley Airport” was all about. And we did, quite fast: the experience means you going on a helicopter and driving it by using 2 driving-sticks, one for going up and down and one for spinning around (to the left or to the right). Only my son was able to go as there was a height limit (by the way, check the map and pay attention to the colors of the numbered dots, they are a good guide regarding age/height).

After “flying” with the helicopter we continued our walk through the park until we got to the “Atlantic Submarine Voyage” where, after queuing for “only” 26 minutes we got in this:

Underwater view from the submarine
Submarine adventure at Legoland Windsor as a family of 4
Lego submarine

Continuing the trail and going round the lake, we got to “S.Q.U.I.D Surfer”, a full of adrenaline experience for anyone over 0.9m height. My son absolutely loved it! The idea is that you spin around the base, on water, and you can control how close or far away from the base you are by stirring the wheel. And while you spin, there are huge sprinklers that work from time to time, randomly, adding lots of fun to the experience. And managing to get you wet but who cares about being soaking wet when you are having so much fun?

We finished spinning on the water at 5p.m. All we could do now was going on a train ride through the park and then going on “Aero Nomad”, both rides suitable for any age.

Wild animals made of lego
Giraffes made of Lego
Day out with kids at Legoland Windsor, Aero Nomad adventure
Aero Nomad – Legoland Windsor
View from Aero Nomad

When we landed it was 6p.m so we had to head toward the exit. But on our way we stopped to admire the Miniland, an impressive miniature land with buildings made of Lego and with railways and trains made of Lego.

Tribute to the original Wembley Stadium
Buckingham Palace made of Lego
Big Ben and London Eye made of pieces of Lego
Big Ben and London Eye in Miniland
London buildings made of lego at Legoland Windsor
London Town Hall and Tower Bridge made of Lego
Brighton Pier made of lego at Legoland Windsor
Brighton Pier at Miniland/Legoland Windsor
Miniature world made of lego at Legoland Windsor
NASA at Miniland - made of lego at Legoland Windsor
NASA at Miniland

And then the experience ended as we headed to our car and then home. So after spending 5.5 hours at Legoland Windsor I can say it was a very interesting and fun experience and what I have learned I summarize in these

Tips for visiting Legoland Windsor

  • take advantage of any offer as the full price tickets are quite expensive
  • leave your scooter or bike in the car as you are not allowed in Legoland with them
  • buy the parking ticket online to avoid queuing (you will need the ticket when you leave the car park)
  • if the car park looks full, try your luck closer to the park entrance
  • study the online map and make a plan as there is a bigย chance you won’t be able to go on every ride
  • if you go with the kids, be ready to entertain them (with games or toys) while waiting in queues, especially if it’s Easter holiday
  • bring food from home to save some money and time (there were queues at the restaurants as well); as for water, there are “Hydratation stations” throughout the park
  • in case you get wet on “S.Q.U.I.D Surfer”, look for the dryer close by (have some change as it is not free)
  • go on all the rides you want as they all close at 6p.m and leave the Miniland the last on your “to do” list as it doesn’t close at 6
  • download the Legoland Windsor Waiting Time application as it tells you the waiting times for all the rides, in real-time (so they say, I haven’t tested it)
  • go crazy and enjoy the experience!

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2 thoughts on “Experiencing Legoland Windsor – a day out with kids”

  • Nice! Do you plan to visit, or have visited other similar adventure parks in Europe?
    We’ve been to Disneyland Paris when our daughter was 5, and to Legoland Germany last year in august (daughter 8 years, son 2 years). And plan to go to Europa park this summer.
    What I can say about Legoland DE is that is has a very nice camping (we’ve been camping there for the weekend with some friends also with kids). The attractions are very similar to those you described, but the waiting time shorter. I think the average was around 20 minutes. Anyway, we had a great time and spent 2 full days in there. And being summer, we took full advantage of thr water attractions ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Now for Disnayland… very very nice attractions, some more extreme than the ones on Legoland, for various categories of ages (and also my daughter likes adrenaline and went several times to some extreme attractions suited for her). BUT sooo much more crowded! So you have to be armed with a lot of pacience. And the food there is way worst than what you can find at Legoland – mostly sweets and fastfood.
    Have fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Thank you for sharing your experience at Legoland DE and Disneyland ๐Ÿ˜‰ For us, this was our first experience at a Theme Park and even though we had lots of fun, in the end we spent more time queuing and waiting that we spent on the rides, so I am not sure we will repeat the experience too soon. But when we do, we might go to Disneyland ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Have fun at Europa Park and let me know your impression after the experience!

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